Commuter Short Cutting Observations

Date 2012
Crowchild Traffic
Observation Period
No Left Turn Sign Violations
Feb 27
-20, new snow
frequent stand still
4 - back alley of Hamilton
5 - Hamilton Street
March 2
-10, clear
light, flowing
March 5
-8, new snow
light, flowing
1 - non-commuter)
March 6
-8, heavy snow
heavy, frequent stand still
March 7
-9, clear
heavy, frequent stand still
0 - commuter
2 - contractors
2 - residents
max 48 km/h
most 30 - 44 km/h

Traffic Update
Among the most frequently raised concerns Concerns about traffic are among the most frequently Residents have raised concerns regarding traffic.

1.  High rates of speed throughout SAH and particularly on:

  - Toronto Crescent, including reports of racing
  - Windsor Street (between 12th and 13th Ave)
  - Hamilton Street
  - 13th Avenue

 2.  High volumes of commuter traffic on Hamilton St arising from Crowchild Trail
  - particularly during the morning rush period
  - motorists tend to speed
  - motorists fail to obey the STOP sign at Hamilton St and 13th Ave NW
  - motorists from Crowchild Tr go west on 13th St, south on Hamilton St, east on 12th, south on University Dr

A Traffic Town Hall meeting took place on January 20, 2010 at 7 pm - 8 pm.  The above concerns were noted and there was consensus to request that a Traffic Study be carried out by the City of Calgary.

In March 2011, signs prohibiting a left turn onto Hamilton Street, Windsor Street, and back alleys during the morning peak periods from westbound 13th Avenue have been erected.   The Calgary Police Service has been contacted about enforcement of this intervention.

A traffic study was carried out in 2011.  There was evidence of speeding throughout the community.  Closing the 12th Avenue exit to University Drive was proposed as a remedy for commuter short cutting.   An information session was held by the City on February 22, 2012 and the residents were sent a survey.

J Schaefer