Hockey News

Westwood and Crowchild associations have come together and a number of new faces this season are volunteering to help make the Northwest Warriors one of the best community hockey programs in Calgary.  The evaluations have been tweaked, schedules beginning to be set, registration numbers are increasing every day and hopefully everyone is getting excited for the coming season.  The joint operation was done to help balance the skill levels on all teams and help increase the fun factor for the players.  We will continue to tweak and enhance our program this year.
There is a partnership with KIDZFIRST for the junior levels - help with coaching and practices, we have established some coach development, there have been some tweaks to overall operations , jerseys are being ordered and sponsors are stepping up.  Please continue to volunteer where and when required.  It does take a community to contribute to the hockey product fulfilling both association’s goal of letting the kids have fun playing the game of hockey and then seeing the players return each year.  This year we will continue to work on the Northwest Warriors hockey program and also continue to build the Westwood and Crowchild Hockey Associations into one big community with the same values we have always had. 

We look forward to the new season of hockey, building the Northwest Warriors Hockey Program, seeing everyone at the rink, greeting old faces and meeting new ones.  Let's build fond and lasting memories together.
The Northwest Warriors Hockey Association is the result of a recent amalgamation of two smaller associations (Crowchild Hockey and Westwood Hockey) with the following boundaries:
         The Crowchild Hockey Association is comprised of 3 communities: Scenic Acres, Silver Springs, Varsity.
         The Westwood Hockey Association is comprised of 3 communities: Brentwood (Brentwood and Edgemont); Triwood (Banff Trail, Charleswood, Collingwood, Capitol Hill, Triwood and University Heights (also includes the University of Calgary Campus)); and West Hillhurst (Hillhurst/Sunnyside, Hounsfield Heights/Briar Hill, Parkdale, St. Andrews Heights and West Hillhurst).
If you’re interested in getting involved with community hockey in Calgary (as a player, coach, volunteer, etc), you must register within the community that you live.  Although registration is closed for this season (2016-17), you must register with the WestHillhurst Community Association. For next season (2017-18), please go to before the end of July 2017.