The Executive Committee received several concerns regarding lack of parking in the lot immediately east of the SAH Community Center.  This lot was frequently filled by those who were neither using the Park nor the Community Center.  In consultation with the Executive Committee, signs were placed that restricted parking to 4 hours during regular business hours (700-1700 hr Mon-Fri) during the late autumn of 2009.   The measure appears to have achieved its objectives.  

The Executive Committee periodically receives questions about parking from individual residences.   According to the City of Calgary website (search City of Calgary Residential Parking Permit and Maps), each side of a residential block may determine parking restrictions.  To change parking restrictions residents may survey their block and in the event of at least 80% agreement, a petition can be presented to the City.   Please call 3-1-1 for further details.   The Executive Committee can provide advice but does not actively participate in the survey or petition process.

Parking enforcement may be requested by calling the Calgary Parking Authority.